Service Process

HR outsourcing service processes

Employer outsourcing my company needs and the specific requirements for education, gender, age, ability, time required outsourced employees.
Can be recruited directly by the employer, outsourcing, but also by my company for business needs, according to the forms of enterprises and personnel conditions, demand for the number and needs time to help employers recruit.
I customized according to the business demand for body preliminary proposal and consult with the employer and revision of appropriate staff outsourcing supporting measures.
The company signed a contract with the employer and confirm the outsourcing relationship also provides outsourcing as personnel, dispatch time, should comply with the rules, the amounts and delivery methods.
The company outsourcing staff personnel dispatch labor contract signed, the employer and the laborers talent dispatch employment agreement signed, the two sides affirmed the provisions of its work.

Specific workflow

The labor units Detailed completed the recruits information provided by my company, and by the form of E-mail sent to the specified service mailbox.
Labor units related materials are ready, the first to start the service, I will send a special service door charged.
If there are changes in personnel, labor units per month before the specified date I change employee information, and mail the form to confirm with our company.
My company at a predetermined date and social security, on behalf of the wage bill to the labor units.
Labor units to confirm my company's monthly bill is accurate, there is no objection to the to the confirmation e-mail.
Labor units in the After checking the bill without objection in play money to a designated account specified deadline.
My company in a timely manner on behalf of outsourcing employees pay social security, payroll. And provide an invoice to the labor units.
Outsourcing company is responsible for the specific outsourced personnel labor relations, social security, welfare, wages and other employer responsibilities Dispatch Agreement with employers outsourcing staff to resolve work-related accidents and labor disputes.
At the expiration of the contract, the company will consult with the employer to extend the outsourcing agreement or termination of the outsourcing relationship.