Career Development Coach

What we can do for you?

We provide various career coach service, including:

  • Charting a career development direction.
  • Establishing job skills.
  • Drawing up a commercial plan
  • Establishing a proper balance between work and life
  • Help the client perform and finish the item.
  • Decision-making and strategic planning
  • Training of leadership and capacity of management

We are looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with the clients, and perform in the role of consultant of them, pool efforts to tap their own career potentials.

We can also Provide a professional and effective training and service which are different from person to person.

  • From a personal development point of view, we can help individuals develop clearer career goals, to help improve and develop vocational skills, career potential mining and development, and ultimately to promote the success of their career development.
  • From the point of view of enterprise development, staff attention to their own career development and enhance career success desirability promote its work harder, be more consistent and make their own career development goals with organizational development goals.
  • From a macro point of view, through our professional services will enable the development of human resources and the flow of more valuable, more rational allocation of human resources, the more lucrative return on human capital investment.

Career coach basic steps:

Career coach basic steps

We serve Services:

Project Coach object Specific coach content Coaching methods, tools
Graduates Career Planning graduates about personality, career interests, career values, and establish career goals, develop action plans and tracking implementation

HBO personality test
ACPI career interests, career values test
Action Plan

career development coach junior positions 1-5 years of experience of professionals understanding personality, career interests, career values, analysis of existing (ideally) competence model, develop an action plan and tracking the implementation of

HBO personality test
ACPI career interests, career values test
Competence model
Action Plan

senior career development coach five years of senior professional managers explore the character, professional values and development trends, in-depth analysis of the quality of the model of the existing (ideal) positions, joint research action plan and tracking the implementation of

HBO, HORTAN personality test
ACPI career interests, career values test
NPL Coaching Programme
Action Plan

Career development coach, to understand ourselves, and open a new voyage of career development!